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Now, out of only 15 women, how many of those would you say are your type or you’re attracted to?Considering not very many attractive women show up for these kinds of services (because they don’t need to), you’re most likely only going to be attracted to potentially 3 of those women.I’ve heard the rare occasion of Singles getting a few phone numbers and dates.But, more often than that, I’ve heard Singles end up getting poor results.In many cases, these interactions can be awkward and uncomfortable.You will have to meet and talk to women that you have no interest in.They do not need an older man, or Even Slightly older.

I’ve met a lot of people with mixed reviews for Speed Dating.

Not only that, but you don’t really get the opportunity to REALLY get to know these women because there is a time constraint.

Not to mention, you’re competing with every other guy in the room. So now you have to send her an e-mail, see if she’ll reply back, and then get her phone number and attempt to set up a date. Psychology Today (https:// has a take on this subject that is worth reading.

These women Possess beauty, brains, class and sex appeal. We have been in the dating millionaire, executive elite dating and dating business for over 15 years and are EASTERN EUROPE’S PREMIER MATCHMAKER.

So, the question you are the Likely to ask right now …

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