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Smaller-scale controlling behaviors often stem from traditional views of gender roles, but much of what was acceptable when your grandparents (or even parents!

) were dating is rightly considered male privilege now.

You’ll learn about the role of drugs and alcohol, as well as what can be fixed and what can’t.

These tips are from a woman who was involved with a control freak boyfriend for long enough to know how difficult it is to leave.

Those guys often do make good husbands, for a woman who really, really loves baking, needlepoint and letting their man make all the choices; but now that it’s 2016, women have traveled in space and the US may even have its first female president, a lot of us want to be recognized for who we are, not having our potential limited by our gender.

That said, many “traditional-values” relationships are very happy if that’s what you’re looking for…

If you’re in a bad relationship and you’re ready to take back your life, read .

You’ll learn the early warning signs of a man who might be a control freak, nine abusive personality types, and how to tell if an abuser can change, is changing, or ever will change.

Every couple disagrees, but in a healthy relationship, you can agree to disagree, and you can respect your partner’s right to their own opinion.

They will never love or respect you, they think of you as a pawn, and your relationships will never really be about anyone but themselves.

Control freaks often have personality disorders, such as narcissism or sociopathy; you need that kind of toxic “love” like you need the plague.

But there are also many other fish in the sea out there.

You’ve already ended one unhappy relationship; this time around, seek the happiness that you deserve in a relationship.

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