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But a good piece last year on noted that there are no national surveys. The Encyclopedia of Surgery says that "the number of gender reassignment procedures conducted in the United States each year is estimated at between 100 and 500.

A "neoclitoris" that allows sensation can be created from parts of the penis. In female to male surgery, the breasts, uterus and ovaries are removed (in two separate procedures).Drinking just two cups of coffee a day could dramatically improve your sex life, a university study has concluded.A study by the University of Texas has found that men who drank two cups a day where 42 per cent less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction compared to men who didn't.In a 2006 experiment on female rats by Southwestern University in Texas, scientists found drinking coffee stimulated the parts of the brain that signal sexual arousal.But this effect could possibly was only be seen in women who did not drink coffee regularly.

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