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On Twitter Saturday (March 11), T-Boz clarified that she adopted her nearly 2-year-old son at birth. Looking Back On this Special Day My Lil Big Man turned 1 years old! At this Stage …They Always Kiss with Their Mouth Open 1st!Lol Now He knows how to say mmmmmmmmmuahhhh with his lips closed!!!!T-Boz unveiled the fist photo of her adopted son in honor of International Women’s Day earlier in the week.The TLC singer posted a throwback pic of baby Chance on Instagram Wednesday (March 8).

The group said Queen Bey showed her love to the veteran girl group at the season 10 finale of "American Idol" in 2011."This is the first time this ever happened. Cole, and they collaborated on the 2013 hit, "Crooked Smile." Cole almost worked on a song for the new album."We ran out of time 'cause we would have had a song with J. Try Again TLC has been known for its loud and outspoken videos, from the futuristic outfits in "No Scrubs" to the condom eye patches in "Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg."But they said the video for the No.

No more Slobber Bobber He Still Gives Me The Biggest Kisses Only When he feels like it!

For T-Boz and Chilli, TLC is a marriage and divorce is not an option.

and I remember her going, ' That's what it should look like it,'" recalled T-Boz, imitating Lisa's squeaky voice. '""It just came together and it was like we evolved into these women instead of these little girls.

We had a little more sex appeal."The group also said they shot the video for 1992's "What About Your Friends" twice.

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