Vb6 disable screen updating

(November/December 1999) Active X Documents part 1. (September/October 1999) Visual Basic for Applications. Column 3 (August/September 1996): Using resource files with Visual Basic Column 2 (June/July 1996): Variant speed penalties, uses for collections.

(July/August 1999) Data Sources, Data Sinks (part 2). Column 4 (October/November 1996): Taskbar tray icons.

To use the Windows Sleep command, you must first add the following Declare statement to the Declarations section of your module: ' Copyright (c) FMS, Inc.

Licensed to owners of Total Visual Source Book ' ' Class : mod Date Time ' Description : Code for working with date and times ' ' VBA/VB6 provides many useful functions for dealing with date and time values.

(March/April 1999) VBScript and Active Server Pages for Easy Web Database Programming. (January/February 1999) Visual Basic and the Common Gateway Interface. (November/December 1998) Object oriented file access. Column 8 (June/July 1997): Active X programming, part 2. Column 9 (August/September 1997): Pointers and callbacks. Column 10 (October/November 1997): Creating bitmaps from arbitrary pixel data.One common way to do this is to use the Do Events function in a loop while waiting, like this: Do Events releases time to other processes on the computer.However, this method consumes almost all the CPU time and slows down the PC considerably because there's no pause in the processing.

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